Advice to Baruch College

13 04 2010

Baruch College has been taken advantage of New Media, especially Social Networking. Various departments in the school are apart of the major sites such as Facebook and Twitter. I believe this may actually be an effective way to communicate with students but students may not consider using social sites for school information. If someone was also constantly available to answer questions then the use of these sites would be great.

Though this idea may not be directly related to the image of the school, certain course could use virtual worlds to teach various topics in a class. One class I believe this will be helpful in, is History. If everyone, as a class assignment, meet online in a 1774 themed virtual world with the teacher taking the role of, lets say, Thomas Jefferson with the class as the followers of Jefferson. This would help more students understand the topic better.

A department that would benefit from new media, especially becuase of the communication, is the Admissions department. A blog would be effective for general and some specific questions since the back and forth interaction can occur and others will be able to continuously refer to it. Although that information may be available on the website, students may not know where exactly to find, and may feel better asking his/her question and getting a direct answer to it.




2 responses

15 04 2010
Raymond Huynh

The idea of using historically-themed virtual worlds is intriguing. It reminds me of the Civil War reenactments that newspapers and TV shows mention every now and then, but mixed with SecondLife.

I could actually see this working for certain sciences as well, especially those dealing with physics. Video games are already using physics engines to different degrees, but a virtual world with a realistic physics engine and measuring tools could be much more practical for teaching physics than setting up delicate equipment in the confined lab spaces in the 23rd Street building.

1 05 2010
Swetha Mukkavilli

lol I again bring up the idea of a thin screen projection of which i do not know the name. This I think would be very helpful with your idea of Thomas Jefferson in a virtual world. I guess this would be bringing in future media in to the advice which doesn’t work. But still, imagine in a history class a projected Thomas Jefferson talks about his life and achievements. It would just be more fun, easy and also much easier to remember than a 100 pages of textbook on his life.

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