Privacy & Confidentiality

20 04 2010

Privacy and confidentiality are two important issues because it doesn’t only affect our image but our whole lives. These issues can be looked at from two standpoints. The first I will discuss is the privacy that the youth have online today. In many cases we hear of a teenager or young adult in some trouble because of the amount of information they exposed about themselves, which is plain outright dumb to do. But have you ever considered the youth who puts everything out there but you don’t know? You may consider this to be good, but teens are becoming tech savvy that they are able to cover everything they do online from family and allow everyone else, or at least those they allow to view, which in some cases may be more dangerous since today’s ‘friends’ can be equivalent to a stranger.

The other point of view would be people intentionally hacking into computer networks and stealing information which usually leads to identity theft. Measures that can be taken to limit this personally are:

  • Install a security program on your computer that can protect your computer against hacking.
  • Secure your wireless network
  • Do not enter personal or credit card information without the padlock in the URL box or ‘s’ after ‘http.’
  • If possible, do not use public networks/computers for any personal transaction.



3 responses

22 04 2010
Denny Li

Social networking is used heavily and teenagers do not want to let their parents see the full side of them. They expect these sites to allow them to block people from seeing their info or else they wouldn’t be putting that up there at all.

27 04 2010

That’s the problem. Teenagers do not want to show their pages to their parent. They post anything even without thinking of consequences. And also they are easy target for hackers to steal their identity.

28 04 2010

Teenagers these days don’t realize the impact of putting all the info on their SN sites. To certain extend i guess because they do not have enough info. about the reason they shouldn’t put.

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