A Next ‘New Media’

29 04 2010

I have been thinking of what the next New Media could be but nothing came to mind quickly. Eventually, I came up with something. We have 5 senses and with Web 2.0 devices we currently only use 2 of these senses. It would be unique if there was a  device that would allow us to smell things like how we can hear and see. It would be helpful because there can more interaction with chef’s online, we can know how the food should smell; or even experiencing nature in places that we maybe unable to go to in reality. If a smell device is created then we could have more fragrances because of mashups.

You may wonder, though, how would this be possible. Well, the same way we have 3 base colors that can create a whole spectrum of colors; if the main independent smells can be found, it could actually work. Imagine being a virtual world where you can see what people are showing you and hear them while all at the same time smell the environment in which you are in. It will bring the virtual world closer to reality.




One response

6 05 2010
Raymond Huynh

I like this idea. If all else fails, electrocute the brain. That should stimulate some regions of the brain.

I think the best market for this would be in taste and food. Companies can charge for digital buffets where people can eat as much as they want and whatever they want without getting sick from gorging themselves. Great for diets!

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