My Presentation

29 04 2010

My presentation was based the negative effects that New Media, specifically Social Networking Sites, SNS, has on Generation Y. According to Wikipedia, Generation Y include the people born between mid-1970’s to early 2000. The negative effects that I covered are Cyber bullying, Sexual Predators, Narcissism, Internet Addiction and Job Security. Cyber bullying – Almost 50% of American teens are affected by it directly or indirectly and girls are victimized the most because they spend the most time of these sites. An extreme case of cyber bullying are teenagers committing suicide. A case of sexual predation was seen with a an English teen who was murdered after secretly visiting a guy she met online. SNS’s is a great place for becoming narcissistic or encourages the behavior. SNS’s causes teens to spend a lot a time online and may be becoming addicted. Many young people have lost their jobs because of postings online.

The CEOP wants Facebook to put a Panic Button on all its pages but Facebook already has a page with the information that the Panic Button would link to. Also, cyber bullying laws are currently being lobbied and teachers now have the ability to discipline to students because of online and offline bullying.

You can protect yourself by adding people you actually know and let family/friends know when and where you will be meeting a ‘friend’ from a SNS. Also, to prevent an internet addiction you can:

Set limits

Turn off e-mail notifications

Don’t leave your social networks open

Don’t network on your phone

But it’s not all bad because it’s still great for the actual use, networking with family and friends. Also for company marketing and just for leisure.




One response

2 05 2010

very interesting presentation! i tend to do everything on my phone. it’s not my fault, it’s just so easy to do things with it. pay creditcard bills, facebook, youtube, emails, etc. in the palm of my hand is just too appealing (or is it addicting lol). probably the early stages of media addiction ;]

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