Bryan’s Project-Transformation of US Politics by NM

13 05 2010

 There were many presentations that were interesting and worth summarizing, but I decided to summarize one that was said today, not because it’s fresh in my mind, but because I think I formed a legit and proper question and it would be something I would like to see the answer for in the next election.

The presentation I will look at is “The Transformation of American Politics by New Media,” by Bryan Ray Lobo. 

This presentation started with a little of the adoption of New Media by politicians and how it has been very helpful with producing financing for the campaign. Statistics showed that 32% of US Senate candidates had a Facebook page in 2006, and even politicians who didn’t have a clue of it, was apart, because there admin thought that it would be beneficial, which in fact it was. 

President Barak Obama had the most supporters on Facebook, 3.2 million! Through this medium, supporters were able to put forth their views and money was raised to support the campaign. Studies have shown that politicians will do well with the use of social networking sites since they increase their chances of getting votes by 3%.  This medium has allowed the average American voter to financially support their candidates much more easily since they didn’t have the medium to do so in the past. Support was usually given by large corporations and Public Finance. 

New Media has also allowed for a break away for the oligarchy of media sources, but people can now look to independent sources such as blogs, Facebook groups and even Youtube. Also, because of New Media, news reaches more people quicker than through the traditional line. 

Although this is all positive, there is a downside to the increase use of New Media for the Department of Defense (DOD). The DOD believes that the network can be hacked while soldiers are on Facebook or Twitter. While the DOD doesn’t mind soldiers writing blogs about their time at war, they don’t want horrific stories that occur in the Middle East to be written about especially online. 

That was a basic summary of the presentation. 

My question and comment, which may not be answerable until the next election is, “Since Obama was able to raise over $500 million, which surpassed the amount that would be given by Public Finance by millions, because of New Media; will any other future election campaign be able to do something like this or better?” We have another year and more to see, and then we will see how strong New Media really is. This was a great presentation by Mr. Lobo.




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